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Public Viewing of Certain Submitted Form Data
I'm just putting this up here for when Ben gets really bored!

I've always wanted to have an easy way to take fields from the Formtools database and display them in a Web page. For example, if I used the module that allowed form users to edit their own form submitted information, I could theoretically get them to update their own classroom, email, and school-related information. So they could add/edit fields like last name, first name, school email, department, and then I could create a Web page that publicly presented those fields as an html table, and maybe allow users to sort by the column. I guess if I had to give this module a name, it would be something like Submitted Data Display... but that doesn't sound very glamorous.
Try the submission accounts module ( ) or show_submissions from the API ( ).
Thanks, Steve. I'll try that!
For example, in case i utilize a module that lets visa users to edit their personal data, I can get them to update their own class, email, and school information. Can we have studybay reviews. So they can add / edit fields such as family name, first name, school email, category, and then I can create a web page that explicitly links the sites in html table, and maybe get users allowed to be sorted by the book.
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