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Mass Edit Module in 2.1.0
Hi Ben,

my first install version was 2.1.X, I don't have 2.0.6 back-up

no prob. I just wait for the new compatible version of MAss Edit

Thanks anyway


(Oct 25th, 2011, 1:21 PM)Ben Wrote: Hi Jacob,

I'm afraid you can only downgrade if you have a backup of your old 2.0.6 database (+ files, ideally - but not strictly necessary).

Sorry about that. I'd love to make the Mass Edit module compatible with 2.1, but it's a great deal of work and has to be lower priority than the other stuff we're working on right now.

- Ben

Hi Ben,

I was just wondering if you had gotten around to updating the mass edit module for later versions for Form Tools. Any chance that would be coming soon?

Hi Sahir,

This hasn't been implemented yet. We have a huge feature request list to get through. We'll update the thread when it's been added.



Interested in this feature too.

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

Is there any update on the mass edit module?

Please let me know..

Kind regardsSmile

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