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Reply-to field in Email Template does not save
Hi Ben,

Just a quick one...

In the 2.1.2 release a few days ago, you added a bug fix for "Pass On field on the Edit Form -> Fields tab not pre-populating".

This also seems to be the case for the 'Reply-to' field in the Email Templates section when a 'Form Email Field' is selected.

In comparison this by no means a serious issue! But would you mind taking a look?

Many thanks,

- Mark
This is sooo strange... The original markup used to work just fine.

Just for the record, the problem with the "Pass On" field was that when the checkboxes were checked, the markup would contain a single "checked" attribute (not XHTML-friendly, I know, but still perfectly valid). For some reason, neither FF nor Chrome are recognizing that any more, so I had to change it to checked="checked". That fixed it, oddly enough.

I wonder if something changed in those browsers recently?

Anyway, I'll look at it & include a fix in the next version. Actually, just FYI: last night I started sketching out 2.2 (it's a *very* small release compared to 2.1). It includes two things only: field validation & "swatches" for the themes, so you can use the default theme, but have the UI & banner show up in different colours.

Thanks for letting me know.

- Ben
Werhey! I'm excited about 2.2 already!

Can't wait to have Field Validation in the Core. Will this feature addition include the ability to (1) specify the minimum length of a field and (2) a presence check (e.g. The field must not be empty)?

The theme colour selections also sound awesome! When are you hoping to release 2.2? Will it be days, weeks or months?

Best wishes to you and the Encore team. I'm sure I speak for many Forum members when I say you're doing a fantastic job both with the development of FormTools and the support available. Just look at how far the product has evolved since this time last year! I can't imagine life without 2.1 as it is!

- Mark
Hi Ben,

Just remembered I made a mock-up of the function and posted a screenshot back in June - see this thread for further details and the hyperlink:

Many thanks,

- Mark
Hey Mark,

Sorry for the wait, I'm playing catch-up in the forums today.

And thanks for the kind words! Smile Very nice of you.

Quote:Will this feature addition include the ability to (1) specify the minimum length of a field and (2) a presence check (e.g. The field must not be empty)?

Yup! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it yet, but it'll allow for the most common forms of validation, and it'll probably allow developers to extend it with custom validation rules if need be. A couple of recent modules (Facebook Forms & the Form Builder) both added their own validation code, which was daft. Better to just add it to the Core once. So I'm going to hold off releasing the Form Builder until 2.2 is done.

It'll be weeks, I think - but really not too long. First I need to update the demo, which has been out of date the day after it was released. Smile The new demo is way cooler: it creates a custom, pre-configured 24 hour demo where you have full use of the latest version of the script, premium modules etc, so you can get a much better idea of what it does and how it works before installing it on your own site.

And yeah! I remember you made those modifications to add in the validation: very cool indeed! However, I'm going to approach it slightly differently. I'm going to keep the second tab of the Edit Field dialog to be field-type specific, and add in a third tab which lets you specify validation rules. Validation will be stored in a separate location in the DB. This will actually make the code a little simpler, but functionally it will work the same way.

Anyway, apologies for the long message. Speak soon -

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