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I was wondering if I could use Server side includeds with this form? I tried to use a basic call for a page and it doesn't seem to show up . . . any ideas? I am using 2.0.1
Ok . . so what I found out after doing some testing . .
my intial use of SSI was the traditonal call using includes:'

<!--#include virtual="/form_data/classic.html" -->

which brought in the page while live on Dreamweaver, but didn't produce the page on the live server.
I then used a PHP call
<?php require_once('form_data/classic.html'); ?>
which broaght the page in in DW as well as Live on the server . . so for right now I think I am onto the right track, Now if I can just figure out how to make this work with my forms dropdowm menus I will be golden
Hi GP,

Sure! If your server supports server-side includes, then it'll work with any HTML page on your site. Whether or not SSIs will work in .php pages as well as .html depends on how it's configured. But no, there's no limitation within Form Tools that will prevent it from working.

Good luck! Smile

- Ben

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