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Export Options
I'm using certain forms within Form Tools as a CMS for my client. Since I've shut off the ability to add or delete submissions...and realistically only have one form in place for the CMS areas...I'd love the ability to disable the export options on specific forms. Really it's more of an "aesthetic" thing, but it would be wonderful for "ease of use" for my clients.

Hey Brian,

I've wondered about this myself... the "Access Type" option on the Edit Export Group page lets you associate the export groups with particular accounts (admin only, all clients, only specific clients) but not by specific forms.

What's really needed is BOTH options - and ideally the additional option to assign the export group to a View, too.

I'm finding I need this functionality again and again in different modules. Perhaps it might be an idea to write a separate "permissions" component in the Core that allows modules to pinpoint which accounts, forms and Views can view/access their functionality.

Hmm. I'll have to give this some more thought, thanks Brian!

- Ben
Hay but which is Export Option in your post !

I have very much interested in this topic What would I do ??
Thank You

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