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Keep track of emails sent
I love the ability to put a button on a certain view to send a pre-formatted email for that particular submission. I would, however, find it useful to either have a way to keep track of whether or not an email has been sent for a certain submission, or limit to only sending one email.

Basically, I want to avoid sending the email twice.

Just a thought!

Good one. Yeah, this would be great. It would also be great for just plain logging purposes: to confirm that an email DID actually get sent.

I think to tackle this, I'd do something similar tp the System Check module: create a new generic "Logging" module that simply logs stuff: errors (JS, PHP, database queries) and emails sent.

This would be terrific to work on, but realistically, for the next while (months at least) I'll be focusing on other stuff.

Great idea though!

- Ben
Thanks! I look forward to seeing it in a future version eventually!

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