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Feature Request Survey (does not work, but how did you create it in FT?)
I took the feature request survey, and on submit generated an error.

How did you create it?

I created a new form, called it survey, and then had 3 fields Question, Description and 1 to 5 radio buttons.

How do you get it to where you can add the questions or features, and then allow others to rate from 1 to 5 or whatever your scale is?

I tried to reproduce what you did to create the survey, but I must be missing something.

I also wanted to respond to the survey you made, it would be great to have public sign-ups and subforms where you can link one form record to another form and set of records.

Great, thank you.


Hi Dave,

Sorry the form wasn't working. I'd changed a few things on the server recently, including a few passwords and hadn't updated that FT installation. Daft of me... but it's working now.

I actually didn't do anything special with the form. It's simply a hardcoded form that POSTs to Form Tools. You should be able to just copy the markup and Add the form to Form Tools normally.

- Ben
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