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Database Integrity, System Check
After new installation:

Modules » Database Integrity » Table Verification
Form Tools Core 2.1.8 FAILED
FORM TOOLS CORE - missing table:

Modules » Database Integrity » Hook Verification
Submission Pre-Parser 1.1.3 FAILED
Submission Pre-Parser: ERROR, missing hooks

Modules » System Check » Hook Verification
Submission Pre-Parser Yes 1.1.3 FAILED
Text Override Yes 1.1.2 FAILED
Submission Pre-Parser: ERROR, missing hooks
Text Override: ERROR, too many hooks
Hi Ajax,

Thanks for letting me know!

First off, forget about the Database Integrity module results. I see the module is supposed to be compatible with 2.1.5+ versions, but I'm not totally confident that it is... I'll check that out today. Either way, use the System Check module instead: that replaces the Database Integrity module and is the only one that I'll continue working on.

Regarding the failed results for the modules - interesting! So this is totally fresh installation with those modules? Or you upgraded those modules or Core?

Error-wise, really don't worry though. Just click the "fix problems" link (or whatever the label says) that it offers. That will reset your hooks for those modules and ensure it's all working properly.

- Ben

Yes this is totally fresh installation.
After click to repair the hooks for the affected modules:

Modules » System Check » Hook Verification
Submission Pre-Parser Yes 1.1.3 PASSED
Text Override Yes 1.1.2 FAILED
Text Override: ERROR, missing hooks

For me personally it is not a problem, just want to help this way to improve, i am a fan.
Thanks, Ajax! Smile

I'll look at this tonight & post back when I find out what's wrong.

- Ben

Both modules have been updated. Just upgrade both and the problems will be resolved (note: you'll probably see another hook error for the Submission Pre-Parser after you update it, because the previous version set the hooks incorrectly!). Just do the same thing: get it to resolve the issues and all will be well!

Thanks for letting me know.

- Ben

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