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Duplicate a Form
Is it possible? I'd like to completely duplicate a form, data, structure, users, etc.

If I duplicate the mysql table, will that do it, or will that mess things up?

Thank you!
Hi Harmony,

Unfortunately it's not quite so simple. The form table is only one part of the data - the actual dependencies, relationships etc. are all stored in many other tables, so that data will need to be duplicated as well, plus all the various unique IDs will need to be updated across the tables.

You're not the first person to request this, though, so it's definitely on my list of to-do modules. Kinda have a list a mile long through right now... ack. One day I'll encounter a philanphropic millionaire who'll offer to fund development of this script... optimistic, aren't I? ;-)

- Ben
really wish I were a millionaire, but then again, I probably wouldn't be hacking around trying to figure things out. Probably be in outerspace somewhere
haha come to think of it, me too. :-)
Just letting you know I am interested in this feature as well.
At the moment am working on a very basic php file that will do this..if interested in results... or want to provide me more info on existing table structure etc to make it "generic" and more user friendly for others to use happy to do so..
I'm interested too. Coleagues are asking me about the possibility to do it.


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