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Multiple/advaced search
Multiple/Advanced search

I selected a particular field instead of "all fields" then I typed the parameter that I wanted to search in the "for" text box. On clicking on the search button. I got the desired result. The problem comes up when I want to search for something extra from the results of the first search.

How it possible to add in formtools, there is anywhere in this program a place where one can configure more than one search field to the specific data one is looking for. How is done?

Or maybe there is something possible in search area write words with + = "" etc... and it can find with two parametrs.
example i wont to find with age and name, in search area i write Name+age and it find fields with this keywords???
there is a have some function on formtools search box.

Please help, i need it asap, i have big date base, and cant work with him.
Hi Suziko,

I'm afraid that Form Tools doesn't offer that feature yet.

The closest you can come to it is to create multiple Views with "filters" (see: You could use a filter to limit the results to a particular subset (e.g. only people from a particular country), then you could use the search to search within that particular data set.

Not ideal, obviously, but it's just an idea. I'll put this down as a feature request.

- Ben

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