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3rd party Submission
Hey All,

Wondering if any one can help me. I am trying to use the API and the registration form demo to do the following:

- First Page: Form goes to Formtools

- Second Page: Form pulls info from the first page but submits the form using a 3rd party system (Hushforms, for C.C. Info.)

- Thank You page, that finalizes the Formtools form (unless that needs to happen earlier..)

I can get the info from the first page onto the second page but then when I try to submit the second page I get all the fields in the url. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Anyone have any thoughts? Do I need to use $_Post? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Hi Doug,

Sure, this is very do-able!

Just a bit of confirmation first: so right now, you have the first part sorted out? page 1 submits the data to Form Tools (unfinalized) then does a redirect to page 2?

So how does step 2 work? Do you just post the contents to Hushforms or load the values into another form or something...? Not quite sure about how this step works for you. Does the form submit to a different location?

If I understand it right, you have two options. One is to do an Ajax call on the form submit that calls another page on your server (which you'll need to write) which posts the data and finalizes the Form Tools submission. The other option is that often, offsite services like form processors that will allow for callbacks - i.e. a page on your site that gets called when the form is processed on their end. You'll need to pass back the unique submission ID to the callback page, where you'd finalize the submission using the API.

Sorry for the rather general remarks - but I hope it gives you some idea of how to proceed!

- Ben
Hey Ben,

Thanks for the reply, I actually got it to work, did some more investigating and used the @field property to get the info on the 2nd page. Thanks for your great software! Is coming in handy!

I'm very glad! :-)

All the best -


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