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Empty DB connection details written to config.php during installation
On Solaris 11 (x86-64) with Apache 2.4.23 and PHP 5.6.28 we've stumbled upon a bug during installation:
When trying to write the config.php file, the values regarding the database connection are not saved. Therefore, the constructed config.php file in step 4 has empty values for db host, db user, db passport and prefix.
Formtools saves this file (with the correct $g_root_url and $g_root_dir values, but empty values for $g_db_hostname, $g_db_name, $g_db_username, $g_db_password, and $g_table_prefix).
As a result, the next install step (step5.php) fails since it cannot access the db.
We were able to provide the correct config.php file and proceed with the installation.

The initial admin login fails after the installation, since no session could be found.
As a workaround we've added
PHP Code:
$g_session_type "database"
to the config.php.

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First of all the issue could be from your hosting site, you could contact them. A theme can make problems with your website too. So try to change your theme. I tried the same process for minutefob website many times and it works perfectly especially the theme-changing recommendation.
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