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PayPal Add Form
Hey Ben,
I am trying to get through the PayPal demo but I can't seem to get my form to get through the Test Submission section of the demo. I have changed the form number in my library.php file but every time I fill out the form I get Error #500 Internal Server Error. It looks like the form is directing me back to the index.php file when it should direct me to the success.php file. I hope that information helps you!

I love your product so far!

Hi Kate,

I'm *so* sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. Did you get anywhere with this?

I get the 500 error from time to time too, but the cause is pretty specific: it means that the form ID passed to the ft_api_create_blank_submission() function is incorrect. This is called behind-the-scenes by the ft_api_init_form_page() function. Maybe triple-check the ID you're passing!

- Ben
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