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Issue after domain move
hi All,
I had an issue with my old webserver so had to move to a new enviroment. Once I reupped all the files. and reconnected the databases I get the following error.

I have set permissions on that folder to 777 and cleared the cache. I think it is something to do with a change of install path now as it is no longer globalgr/public_html

I would really appreciate your assistance


Either the theme cache folder doesn't have write-permissions, or your $g_root_dir value is invalid. Please update the /home/globalgr/public_html/gsn/themes/classicgrey/cache to have full read-write permissions (777 on unix).
Hi o.derutyer,

Sorry I missed your post here.

Yes, that's exactly the problem: the $g_root_dir and $g_root_url values in your /global/config.php file need to be updated. The old values are confusing the script: it's unable to find your theme cache file so it can't create the cached pages.

Let me know if you need a hand determining those two values.

All the best -


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