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Date Range Search based on 1 criteria?
Hey all.

I love form tools but there is one thing that I need to do and I am wondering if its not possible.

Right now you can search based on any column. In my case I need to do a date range (Which works great already), but I also need it to be a date range of another item.

In other words.

I have: Date | Team | Item | Name | Choice

I want to do a search of a weeks time that include Team: one.

Is there any way to do this? Right now if I search by date range its the only thing I can search by, cannot choose a subcategory to also search by.

Thanks for any help!
Hi Syncspin,

I'm afraid this isn't possible just yet. Sad The search functionality has long been in need of any overhaul - it's exceedingly basic right now. What we really need is the option to specify multiple things: Find (a) all people with "bob" in their first name field, and (b) everything from last year. Much like you suggest.

This can be done through Views, by specifying multiple filters, but it's largely hardcoded.

Unfortunately, I won't be getting to this anytime soon. I'm still very much snowed under with other work. But I'll keep this in mind!

- Ben

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