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Start up error
After a fresh install, immediately after logging in as admin, I get the following error.

Failed query in _ft_cache_form_stats, line 1704

Can be repeated with each startup of FT. As it is, can't do anything with FT.

Can continue from there but can't pull any previously created Forms.

Using 2.2.0
Core Field Types = 1.0.2
Export Mngr = 2.1.1
File Upload = 1.0.8
Pages = 1.2.6
Swift Mailer = 1.1.2
System Check = 1.0.2
TinyMCE Field = 1.0.8


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Weird... let's see if we can get any more info out of the error.

Add this to your global/config.php file then log in again:
PHP Code:
$g_default_error_reporting 2047

Does it show any other info (notices / warnings)?

- Ben
Nothing changed - still the same result.
Ran the system check and everything there was OK.

~~Will split atoms in exchange for ride back to home planet.~~

Since last reply to Ben, have:
  1. deleted the entire dbase.
  2. removed all of FT
  3. created new dbase
  4. re-installed 2.2.0
  5. added a new dbase item -
Result: Same error code.
Still unable to access and dbase data to add or edit.
Data created is store in dbase, but otherwise, not seen by FT.

SUMMARY: Can create new data, and it is saved in to dbase. But not accessible to FormTools.
~~Will split atoms in exchange for ride back to home planet.~~
Hi Internaut,

Very weird indeed. It sounds like maybe a sessions problem... but without debugging the problem directly I wouldn't be able to know.

One thing you could try is switching to database sessions. It may not help, but its worth a shot. Add this line to your /global/config.php file:

PHP Code:
$g_session_type "database"

Then try logging in again.

- Ben
This thread solved my issue, and I was getting the same error. >>
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This is a very serious issue, I do not understand it very well yet. But thanks to you everything becomes clear.

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