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Repeating subforms - PDF -> Formtools
Hi, I have some forms, created in Livecycle Designer, and I was able to transfer the forms from PDF into Formtools. The forms are working well.
But in the PDF forms I had some sections that were repeating subforms, you could say there was a one to many relationship between the form and the subforms.
In the case of submitting external data from the PDF forms, if some subforms are active, in the HTTP POST submission, only the last instance of the subform is submitted into the database.
This is probably due to a duplicate validation.
Now, I see that subforms feature is not available in Formtools.
What I would like to do is to submit the duplicate information contained into the subforms in a different table, that will have a one to many relationship with the main form, so I need to know, what files are involved in the process of inserting the external form data into the database, including TPL files, because I would like to modify the views as well, in order to be able to view the subforms as well.
You know your application best, and could help me get started, compared to me getting to understand the hole programming of the Formtools application.
So I need a point where to start.
I hope I'll get an answer.

Thank you!

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