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Simple data view within html page
Big Grin 
Hello everyone... is there an easy way of showing the data content of a form within an html page.... im new to all this ...i have a simple external form that is linked to the formtools database and i need to show the values as a series of predefined words which are linked to the checkboxes in the form i have built.... each check box checked represents a pre set text value eg check box one = " the cow jumped over the moon", check box two = "the moon is white " , when someone checks the checkbox the text value is stored in the database , i suppose as a string or an array (help).. i want to display the text as a result of the chosen radiobox(s) as a combines sentence within a html page the cow jumpedover the moon and the moon is white.....can anyone help ?
Timutrecht on the form structure that best fits formtools core data would also be very much appreciated...

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