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Form Setup - multi page form - page 2 fields missing
I have modeled a registration form after the Demo Registration form - Life is Good!! On the form setup, I get to Step 5 ( add Field types Smartie fill) and all of the fields from page 2 are "NOT FOUND" ( page 1 is just fine) on Step 4 (database setup) values are showing for my page 2 there.... I could not see any posts with this issue ...

Thanks for your help!!
Hey parrothead,

Ah! There's a number of things that can cause this, but most of them hinge around the fact that Step 5 loads your form pages into hidden iframes in the page, then reads them with javascript. So... in order to do that, the pages have to be able to be loaded normally.
  1. Are you password protecting your form? Is so, temporarily disable (or comment out) the password protection.
  2. Have it configured with the API? (sounds like this is the case!). API forms are generally configured to require the form sessions to have been started in order to view a page. This is done to prevent people from linking directly to page 3 in a 5 step form. To get around this, in another browser window start filling in the form so that the form sessions have been initiated. Then try smart-filling step 5 again.
Other possibilities are that you entered the form URLs incorrectly for step 2 onwards. Probably not, but worth double-checking. Also, if your forms contain invalid markup - and I mean REALLY invalid markup, so incorrect that the javascript parser can't make sense of the DOM - that can cause this problem.

Does the error message you see give you the option of manually uploading scraped versions of your pages? I don't remember if I provided that option when there are SOME missing fields. When NO fields can be smart-filled, that option is provided in the error message.

As a total last resort - and I mean, it's 3am and you have a 8am deadline, you can always do this:
  1. View each form page in your browser and click "View Page Source / View Source" (right-click on Mac + FF). Save each page on your desktop. These files will contain only the HTML, CSS etc. No PHP.
  2. Upload all the pages somewhere on your server.
  3. In Form Tools, go back to Step 2 and change the URLs of step 2 onwards to point to these newly uploaded files.
  4. Finish setting up the form.
It sucks, I know. But unless there are markup problems in your form, it should always work. Occasionally when I'm messing around with the code and I break stuff, I resort to this as a quick fix.

Anyway, good luck!

- Ben
Thanks Ben,

I will check these all out... I am NOT on a timeline (well 5 months).. Thanks for the info!
Haha 5 months is wondeful. Wish I had those sort of timelines. Smile

- Ben

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