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Client map filter doesn't work as expected
I'm trying to use the client map filter to limit the client access of a view to only the submission related to him.
I've tried the 2 following setting (to be sure there is no misspelling while testing, I copy-pasted from submission company name field to the account information company name):
  1. Field: Company name
    Operator: EQUALS
    Client Field: Company name
    -> which shows no submission
  2. Field: Company name
    Operator: LIKE
    Client Field: Company name
    -> which shows all submissions
According to Ben in this post, normally it should work with the LIKE operator.
Do I miss something or is there a bug in current filter version?
Thanks in advance for any input Wink
Hmm! Does look a little buggy, doesn't it. I'll look at this and get back to you.

- Ben
Hey phKU,

Yup! It's a bug - not sure when it was introduced... but it's specific to this exact scenario: doing a Client Map filter on the Company Name field.

Since it's non-major, I'm going to wait until a few other things come up before rolling out an update. But to fix it right now, just edit the /global/code/views.php and change line 1022 from this:
PHP Code:
"company_name" => $account_info["settings"]["company_name"

to this:
PHP Code:
"settings__company_name" => $account_info["settings"]["company_name"

Then it *should* work straight away, without needing to update the View or anything.

Let me know how it goes!

- Ben
Thanks Ben, the patch you provided works perfectly (though for the FT v. 2.2.1 I've installed, the line to update is #970).
Thanks again, for taking your time and your fast reply Wink
Just a question, when the users see the forms the can add more?
Nelson Costa.

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