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Including the API causes a 500 server error
I've got a formtools install with a few forms in it running on my site. A form on a client's site runs through this install. Both sites are on the same server.

The client is getting spammed and wants to add a captcha to their form. My understanding is that you need to be using the API to add a recaptcha (if that isn't the case let me know and I can avoid this problem entirely). To do this I'm trying to convert their form from a direct form to an API form. The problem is that any time I try to include the API on a page on this server it gives me a 500 internal server error any time a go to that page.

What am I doing wrong?
Weird! Try re-downloading the API, maybe something got corrupted along the way.

But no, you can actually add reCAPTCHA to your post form as described here:

It's inelegant, to say the least - and takes some work to set up. Still, worth a look at.

- Ben
I'm trying going through the instructions you linked to but adding in the block of code from step one of those instructions causes the same server error.

I noticed that the instructions say you can't use a URL in the line that includes the API. Could this be my problem? Since my formtools install is in a different domain I can only link to it with a URL. I'll try setting up a separate install inside the domain I'm working in to see if that fixes things.
Ok, setting up a new install hasn't fixed anything.

After doing step one in the instructions you linked I still get a server error. Here is the code I'm pasting in with the correct path to my api:

$fields = isset($_SESSION["form_tools_form_data"]) ?
ft_strip_tags($_SESSION["form_tools_form_data"]) : array();

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