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A couple request for Form Builder Module
Hi Ben.

I've been working with the Form Builder module and I came across a couple of features I'd like to see.

First: I can't seem to find any possibilities to add the function "ft_api_check_submission_is_unique" in an easy way. Sure would be handy to have around.

Second: I would like to be able to change the positioning of the field comments so that it shows up on top instead of after the form field. Especially since this seems to be the only way to give instructions to the user on how to fill in a particular form field or other information regarding its use.
In some cases the form fields options can be rather "high" (i.e. several list options) and this info is then obscure and hard to find.

More will come, I'm sure :-)

Thanks Ben!
Hi Peter,

Yeah, I thought about adding in some sort of support for uniqueness detection, but ended up putting it off. I figured that would be best handled once the option to allow people to re-log back in to complete their form was ready. Right now, no other solution may be available, unfortunately. The module only being in its first version, it's pretty basic: for example, I didn't include any hooks in the module functions, so you can append your own code. I'll definitely give this some thought though.

Regarding the second point, you'll probably need the Custom Fields module for that. That lets you change the markup for the field types, so you could just place the label above the field (or even add a setting to let you choose top or bottom, on a per-field basis).

- Ben
Ok , thank you for your sharing....My dear friend..

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