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URGENT! Form not working in Internet Explorer!
Hey All,

My form works great in Firefox and Safari, but doesn't continue (multipage form) in Internet Explorer. Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? Here is my code:

    $fields = ft_api_init_form_page(2);
    $params = array(
    "submit_button" => "continue",
    "next_page" => "payment.php",
    "form_data" => $_POST,
    "may_update_finalized_submissions" => true,
    "finalize" => true

The page is here:

Any help is very appreciated!

Here is the form code:

<form action="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>" method="post">
<fieldset class="mail_list">
<input name="id" type="hidden" value="<? foreach ($list as $row){if ($row['id']===$url_id) {echo $row['id'];};} if ($url_id==""){echo "Mission Year";}?>" />
<input name="full" type="hidden" value="<? foreach ($list as $row){if ($row['id']===$url_id) {echo $row['full'];};} if ($url_id==""){echo "Mission Year";}?>" />
<input name="fund" type="hidden" value="<? foreach ($list as $row){if ($row['id']===$url_id) {echo $row['fund'];};} if ($url_id==""){echo "Mission Year";}?>" />
<li><label for="donate_to">Donate To</label> <select name="donate_to" id="donate_to" onchange="replaceDoc(value)">      
<option value="Mission Year">Mission Year</option>

function compare_lastname($a, $b)
{ return strnatcmp($a['full'], $b['full']); }
# sort alphabetically by name
usort($list, 'compare_lastname');
foreach ($list as $row)
    if ($row['id']==$url_id) {$sel = "selected=\"selected\"";} else {$sel = "";}
    echo "<option value=\"".$row['id']."\" ".$sel.">".$row['full']."</option>";
</select> &nbsp;or&nbsp; <input type="text" id="other_donate_to" name="other_donate_to" class="small" /></li>

<fieldset class="mail_list">
<li class="radio"><label id="payment">I want to donate</label> <input type="radio" value="1000" name="payment" <? if (@$fields["payment"] == "1000") echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> /> $1000 &nbsp; <input type="radio" value="500" name="payment" <? if (@$fields["payment"] == "500") echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> /> $500 &nbsp; <input type="radio" value="100" name="payment" <? if (@$fields["payment"] == "100") echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> /> $100 &nbsp; <input type="radio" value="50" name="payment" <? if (@$fields["payment"] == "50") echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> /> $50 &nbsp; <input type="radio" value="Other" name="payment" <? if (@$fields["payment"] == "Other") echo "checked=\"checked\""; ?> /> Other $ <input type="text" id="other_payment" name="other_payment" class="small" value="<?=@$fields["other_payment"]?>" /></li>
<li class="radio"><label for="frequency">Frequency</label> <input type="checkbox" value="once" id="frequency" name="frequency" /> Once &nbsp; <input type="checkbox" value="monthly" name="frequency" class="monthly" /> Monthly</li>
<ul class="start_end" style="display:none;">
<li><label for="date1">Start Date</label> <input name="date1" id="date1" class="date-pick small" value="<?=@$fields["date1"]?>" /></li>
<li><label for="number_of_months">Number of Months</label> <input type="text" id="number_of_months" name="number_of_months" class="small" value="<?=@$fields["number_of_months"]?>" /></li>
<li class="clear">&nbsp;</li>
<h2>Your Information</h2>
<fieldset class="mail_list">
<li><label for="First_Name">First Name</label><input type="text" id="First_Name" name="First_Name" class="required" value="<?=@$fields["First_Name"]?>" /></li>
<li><label for="Last_Name">Last Name</label><input type="text" id="Last_Name" name="Last_Name" class="required" value="<?=@$fields["Last_Name"]?>" /></li>
<li><label for="Email">Email</label><input type="text" id="Email" name="Email" class="required valid_email" value="<?=@$fields["Email"]?>" /></li>

<li><label for="Address">Address</label><input type="text" id="Address" name="Address" class="required" value="<?=@$fields["Address"]?>" /></li>
<li><label for="City">City</label><input type="text" id="City" name="City" class="required" value="<?=@$fields["City"]?>" /></li>
<li><label for="State">State</label><select name="State" id="State" class="required">


    <optgroup label="United States">
        <option id="USA-AL" value="AL">Alabama (AL)</option>
        <option id="USA-AK" value="AK">Alaska (AK)</option>
        <option id="USA-AZ" value="AZ">Arizona (AZ)</option>
        <option id="USA-AR" value="AR">Arkansas (AR)</option>            
        <option id="USA-CA" value="CA">California (CA)</option>
        <option id="USA-CO" value="CO">Colorado (CO)</option>
        <option id="USA-CT" value="CT">Connecticut (CT)</option>
        <option id="USA-DE" value="DE">Delaware (DE)</option>
        <option id="USA-DC" value="DC">District of Columbia (DC)</option>    
        <option id="USA-FL" value="FL">Florida (FL)</option>
        <option id="USA-GA" value="GA">Georgia (GA)</option>
        <option id="USA-GU" value="GU">Guam (GU)</option>
        <option id="USA-HI" value="HI">Hawaii (HI)</option>
        <option id="USA-ID" value="ID">Idaho (ID)</option>
        <option id="USA-IL" value="IL">Illinois (IL)</option>
        <option id="USA-IN" value="IN">Indiana (IN)</option>
        <option id="USA-IA" value="IA">Iowa (IA)</option>
        <option id="USA-KS" value="KS">Kansas (KS)</option>
        <option id="USA-KY" value="KY">Kentucky (KY)</option>
        <option id="USA-LA" value="LA">Louisiana (LA)</option>
        <option id="USA-ME" value="ME">Maine (ME)</option>
        <option id="USA-MD" value="MD">Maryland (MD)</option>
        <option id="USA-MA" value="MA">Massachusetts (MA)</option>
        <option id="USA-MI" value="MI">Michigan (MI)</option>
        <option id="USA-MN" value="MN">Minnesota (MN)</option>
        <option id="USA-MS" value="MS">Mississippi (MS)</option>
        <option id="USA-MO" value="MO">Missouri (MO)</option>
        <option id="USA-MT" value="MT">Montana (MT)</option>
        <option id="USA-NE" value="NE">Nebraska (NE)</option>
        <option id="USA-NV" value="NV">Nevada (NV)</option>
        <option id="USA-NH" value="NH">New Hampshire (NH)</option>
        <option id="USA-NJ" value="NJ">New Jersey (NJ)</option>
        <option id="USA-NM" value="NM">New Mexico (NM)</option>
        <option id="USA-NY" value="NY">New York (NY)</option>
        <option id="USA-NC" value="NC">North Carolina (NC)</option>
        <option id="USA-ND" value="ND">North Dakota (ND)</option>
        <option id="USA-OH" value="OH">Ohio (OH)</option>
        <option id="USA-OK" value="OK">Oklahoma (OK)</option>
        <option id="USA-OR" value="OR">Oregon (OR)</option>
        <option id="USA-PA" value="PA">Pennsylvania (PA)</option>
        <option id="USA-PR" value="PR">Puerto Rico (PR)</option>
        <option id="USA-RI" value="RI">Rhode Island (RI)</option>
        <option id="USA-SC" value="SC">South Carolina (SC)</option>
        <option id="USA-SD" value="SD">South Dakota (SD)</option>
        <option id="USA-TN" value="TN">Tennessee (TN)</option>
        <option id="USA-TX" value="TX">Texas (TX)</option>
        <option id="USA-UT" value="UT">Utah (UT)</option>
        <option id="USA-VT" value="VT">Vermont (VT)</option>
        <option id="USA-VA" value="VA">Virginia (VA)</option>
        <option id="USA-VI" value="VI">Virgin Islands (VI)</option>
        <option id="USA-WA" value="WA">Washington (WA)</option>
        <option id="USA-WV" value="WV">West Virginia (WV)</option>
        <option id="USA-WI" value="WI">Wisconsin (WI)</option>
        <option id="USA-WY" value="WY">Wyoming (WY)</option>
    <optgroup label="Canada">
        <option id="CAN-AB" value="AB">Alberta (AB)</option>
        <option id="CAN-BC" value="BC">British Columbia (BC)</option>
        <option id="CAN-MB" value="MB">Manitoba (MB)</option>
        <option id="CAN-NB" value="NB">New Brunswick (NB)</option>
        <option id="CAN-NL" value="NL">Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)</option>
        <option id="CAN-NT" value="NT">Northwest Territories (NT)</option>
        <option id="CAN-NS" value="NS">Nova Scotia (NS)</option>
        <option id="CAN-NU" value="NU">Nunavut (NU)</option>
        <option id="CAN-PE" value="PE">Prince Edward Island (PE)</option>
        <option id="CAN-SK" value="SK">Saskatchewan (SK)</option>
        <option id="CAN-ON" value="ON">Ontario (ON)</option>
        <option id="CAN-QC" value="QC">Quebec (QC)</option>
        <option id="CAN-YT" value="YT">Yukon (YT)</option>
    <optgroup label="Mexico">
        <option id="MEX-AGS" value="AGS">Aguascalientes (AGS)</option>
        <option id="MEX-BCN" value="BCN">Baja California Norte (BCN)</option>
        <option id="MEX-BCS" value="BCS">Baja California Sur (BCS)</option>
        <option id="MEX-CAM" value="CAM">Campeche (CAM)</option>
        <option id="MEX-CHIS" value="CHIS">Chiapas (CHIS)</option>
        <option id="MEX-CHIH" value="CHIH">Chihuahua (CHIH)</option>
        <option id="MEX-COAH" value="COAH">Coahuila (COAH)</option>
        <option id="MEX-COL" value="COL">Colima (COL)</option>
        <option id="MEX-DF" value="DF">Distrito Federal (DF)</option>
        <option id="MEX-DGO" value="DGO">Durango (DGO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-GTO" value="GTO">Guanajuato (GTO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-GRO" value="GRO">Guerrero (GRO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-HGO" value="HGO">Hidalgo (HGO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-JAL" value="JAL">Jalisco (JAL)</option>
        <option id="MEX-EDM" value="EDM">México - Estado de (EDM)</option>
        <option id="MEX-MICH" value="MICH">Michoacán (MICH)</option>
        <option id="MEX-MOR" value="MOR">Morelos (MOR)</option>
        <option id="MEX-NAY" value="NAY">Nayarit (NAY)</option>
        <option id="MEX-NL" value="NL">Nuevo León (NL)</option>
        <option id="MEX-OAX" value="OAX">Oaxaca (OAX)</option>
        <option id="MEX-PUE" value="PUE">Puebla (PUE)</option>
        <option id="MEX-QRO" value="QRO">Querétaro (QRO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-QROO" value="QROO">Quintana Roo (QROO)</option>
        <option id="MEX-SLP" value="SLP">San Luis Potosí (SLP)</option>
        <option id="MEX-SIN" value="SIN">Sinaloa (SIN)</option>
        <option id="MEX-SON" value="SON">Sonora (SON)</option>
        <option id="MEX-TAB" value="TAB">Tabasco (TAB)</option>
        <option id="MEX-TAMPS" value="TAMPS">Tamaulipas (TAMPS)</option>
        <option id="MEX-TLAX" value="TLAX">Tlaxcala (TLAX)</option>
        <option id="MEX-VER" value="VER">Veracruz (VER)</option>
        <option id="MEX-YUC" value="YUC">Yucatán (YUC)</option>
        <option id="MEX-ZAC" value="ZAC">Zacatecas (ZAC)</option>
        <li><label for="Zip">Zip</label><input type="text" id="Zip" name="Zip" class="small required" value="<?=@$fields["Zip"]?>" /></li>
        <li><label for="Phone">Phone</label><input type="text" id="Phone" name="Phone" class="small required" value="<?=@$fields["Phone"]?>" /></li>
    <li class="radio"><label>Subscribe</label><input type="radio" value="subscribe" name="email_list" checked="checked" /> Mission Year Emails &nbsp; <input type="radio" value="no" name="email_list" /> No Thanks</li>

<fieldset class="mail_list">
<input alt="" src="/launch/images/continue.gif" type="image" class="submit" name="continue" value="Continue" />
I looked at your Finish Strong page and am trying to do something very similar.
I was wondering a few things tho.
Who did you use for your payment gateway? Or are you collecting and processing the Credit Cards yourself?
Are you using SSL?
(Aug 6th, 2009, 9:15 AM)Big Al Wrote: I looked at your Finish Strong page and am trying to do something very similar.
I was wondering a few things tho.
Who did you use for your payment gateway? Or are you collecting and processing the Credit Cards yourself?
Are you using SSL?

Hey Al,

I have it set up this way:

1. It uses a SSL certificate
2. The first page goes into formtools, only non-sensitive data
3. The second page gets some info passed from the first page and the form takes the sensitive data and goes to a hushmail account (, protected forms), the CC info is processed manually through our bank.

Hope that helps, thanks!
Hey Doug -

Another thing to try is temporarily switch your submit button to a regular (non-image) submit button. I have a vague recollection that some versions of IE won't pass along the submit button name-value pair to the server.

If it DOES work on IE with a regular submit button, just change the line of PHP at the top from this:
PHP Code:
"submit_button" => "continue"
PHP Code:
"submit_button" => "hidden_continue"
and create a hidden field in the form like so:
<input type="hidden" name="hidden_continue" value="1" />

That should work.

- Ben

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