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Can't activate Form Tools Account
Hi, everyone...

I installed Form Tools through my web host and am trying to access my account on the website. I enter my email address and my password and I receive a message that I need to activate my account by clicking a link in an email I was to have received (I've received no emails). When I attempt to resend the email with the link to my normal gmail account, nothing ever arrives. I've tried this perhaps a dozen time and still no activation email. I did receive the activation email for my Forum registration, however. Something is apparently wrong somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Any ideas?

I'm not sure what account you are trying to activate? What are you trying to do?
Hi, alexh...

Thanks for responding. If I go to the Form Tools Home Page (not the Forum home) and click on the "Your Account" button at the top, I get to the login page. I enter my email address and what I believe is my password and click "login". I then get a message at the top of the page informing me that my account hasn't been activated and that I need to click on a link in an email that I should have received in order to activate the account. It also gives me the option to "resend" the activation email, which I have done several times. I have not received even one activation email. From here, I don't know what I should do.

You'll need to log in on your own FormTools installation, if you have already installed it. You don't need to log in at

Let me know if you have any trouble! Happy to help.
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