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Displaying accents in sent e-mails after form completion.

I was wondering if there was a way to display accents such as À, É etc. in the e-mail the user and administrator receives after he/she submits an online form? As it is now, the sent e-mail will display anything entered in the text area field up to the first accent, then will fail to display anything else.

I've been looking around Form Tools e-mail placeholders and haven't found anything. Note that I am in no way a programmer, so all this PHP coding confuses me.

Since my client is french speaking, I would really appreciate some help for this little problem.

Thank you.
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I've used utf8_decode to also make it send accented characters like ë á é ü etc. ... Like when it should display 'René' in the from-field, it displays 'renX' in the from-field. ... I'm strong on, however it may have somethin buy followers cheap
Get Google Forms data in an email message when users submit the form. Send notifications to the form owner, the respondent and to different people based on the ... email notifications for new form submissions, please try the following steps: 1. ... 2017) - Improved formatting of the HTML table for displaying form responses.
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