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Export Manager: Stripping < in Excel export
I have my Export Manager module set to export my Excel files in UTF-8 because many non-standard characters get submitted by my users. That's all good. However, I have noticed that it appears as though Smarty is attempting to strip what it thinks are HTML tags. I have narrowed the problem down to this:

If it sees something like: n < 8
it will export the data fine.

It it sees something like: n <8
note there is no space between the < sign and the 8
it will truncate that field right before the less than sign.

I have tried setting Smarty strip_tags to false, but that doesn't seem to repair it. I haven't modified anything else, so the code is just:
<h1>{$form_name} - {$view_name}</h1>

<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%" class="print_table">
  {foreach from=$display_fields item=column}
{foreach from=$submissions item=submission}
  {assign var=submission_id value=$submission.submission_id}
    {foreach from=$display_fields item=field_info}
      {assign var=col_name value=$field_info.col_name}
      {assign var=value value=$submission.$col_name}
        {smart_display_field form_id=$form_id view_id=$view_id
          submission_id=$submission_id field_info=$field_info
          field_types=$field_types settings=$settings value=$value

Anyone have any thoughts? These are scientific submissions about experiments, so there are a LOT of less than and greater than symbols being submitted.

Thank you!
Hi all

I have the same problem , is there someone can help here, please Smile ? The difference in my case is that I need to implement this in HTML/Printer-friendly format ..

Hi there,

We'll need to look into this issue more closely. Definitely can see how this can be an issue.

In the mean time you might want to check out these links:


Thanks , Joe Smile

Thats really the solution , at least in case of "<" or ">" ... So , I changed the Smarty Template:

{smart_display_field form_id=$form_id view_id=$view_id
          submission_id=$submission_id field_info=$field_info
          field_types=$field_types settings=$settings value=$value|escape:'html'}

and its working Smile
Awesome! Glad you got that working.



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