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redirect loop error
Hello. I'm very new to formtools. Our previous web designer set up formtools on our server, and now we are having problems with it. I'm here to (hopefully!) get advice on how to make things work again.

The problem is that, whenever we access a page in the formtools directory or a subdirectory, we get a 303 redirect loop error. It ends up at error.php, but of course doesn't load the actual page... the web browser just gives the 303.

The only exception to this is that files in the install directory are still accessible.

I have access to the database, and have confirmed that the database settings in config.php are correct. I have searched the forums for this error, but still cannot resolve it. Nothing to my knowledge has changed on the server for months.

Could someone here point me in the right direction?

I would start by looking to see if there is a .htaccess file somewhere with a redirect in it. If you still can't figure it out, feel free to PM me with the address and maybe I can help.

Thanks, Alex. I ended up re-installing formtools in a different folder and used the same database. Turns out that the form ID number specified on the webpage didn't even exist in formtools. I dont' know the state the project was left in, but it appears that the form never actually worked.

Anyway, I just set up a new form in the control panel and now everything works fine. Took me a while to sift through all the variables, but now that I understand how formtools works, I might use it for all my forms! Smile
Ya .. that was my problem once too ... isn't that great the Formtools allow you to just reinstall the whole script without losing any data ?? that's why i like it. Big Grin
Well to have the understandable update on your forum about some issues here that would be useful. I was looking for the information about fixing the errors with my website and hope the information here really works. Please keep posting the updates with us.
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