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The formtools are ok...but the registartion form give 500 error code

The instalation of the formtools finished ok...but the registartion 3 form give 500 error code
error type: user

I also had to fix the path from ../../global to ../global

Any help will be very appriciate....

I am having the same problem. Just installed form tools for the first time in order to try it out. I downloaded the registration form from the demo link of the main site and trying to uploaded to my clean installation. When i click verify link on the second step (Form Information) i get the following message.


Error Type: User
Error Code: #500 — Learn more about this error.

I am having dificulties trying to figure out what this is exactly.

As a result in the third step i am getting

Form Tools hasn't received a successful test submission yet.

Any suggestions or point me to something i can read that will help me out.

ps. i have read the documentation regarding multi page form with api.
hmmmm, i managed to go through the form addition. I had to leave the "ft_api_init_form_page" with " "", "test" " at first so that the verification of the page whould be succesful. Then i just opened the form to my browser and submited the form. All seems to work fine so far.

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