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How do you deal with WordPress rewrites?
I had been trying the last 2 days to add an API form (because of the captcha not working/documented for direct post yet) and bottom-line: I couldn't resolve the path to the form being used.

I had the form on a php template used by the "contact-us" page with a conditional statement for not parsing the code for other pages using the same template.

The permalink shows domain/page/subpage, but the page is loaded from the root by index.php.
Anyway, I've tried many ways, and I couldn't get the right path to the form itself, or the thank-you page.

The blog tries to resolve the not-found path and shows a generic page with a "nothing found for Thank You php"

Any clue about how to get the path to the current form inside a wordpress blog?
(or any other includes-based website where php must be put in the template because there are not actual files for the content)
I'm wrestling with that very same doesn't make me have hope seeing that this post was on June 30th either, with no responses yet :-(.

I'll post back if I figure anything out. I can't even get just the donate form example to work on my WordPress site, outside of wp-content in the root. WordPress just looks for stuff inside the theme folder so I've been trying to do it that way...but it'd be so much easier to just use regular php files for the forms within WordPress instead of trying to integrate it into the theme templates.

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