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Form Tools couldn't find all the database tables

I have installed Form Tool(?) but I get the following error: Form Tools couldn't find all the database tables. Please check your /global/config.php file to confirm the $g_table_prefix setting. I checked in PHPmyAdmin and Form Tools created the database and all the tables that it can't find.

During the install Form Tools failed to detect mysql version and failed but I ignored and carried on with the install so I assume that is the cause of the problem. Is there a fix for this.
I have the exact problem trying to install FT 2.2.5 ( latest version )

Server is IIS 6. php is 5.3.0. Install goes through with out a problem. All tables are named correctly and I see them in the DB with phpmyadmin, however when trying to get to the folder. all I get is the:

Form Tools couldn't find all the database tables. Please check your /global/config.php file to confirm the $g_table_prefix setting. The following tables are missing:

Everything in the config.php file looks correct?!

any help PLEASE!??
Hi there,

Do the Form Tools table match the prefix you have set? If you can log into the admin, I would run a system check and fix the missing tables there. If not you will need to re-install Form Tools.


I have re-installed FormTool many times. all the tables are there and the table names match, and the table prefix matches.. ft_ , as I said already.. I can see them all, and the data with phpmyadmin.. I am NOT able to go anywhere with formtools url. because of the so-called error. of tables not existing..

I do NOT understand and this is very frustrating!

in config.php:
$g_table_prefix = "ft_";

table names ( as is reported by phpmyadmin ):
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_account_settings
Browse: (1 Rows) ft_accounts
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_client_forms
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_client_views
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_email_template_edit_submission_views
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_email_template_recipients
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_email_template_when_sent_views
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_email_templates
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_field_options
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_field_settings
Browse: (77 Rows) ft_field_type_setting_options
Browse: (44 Rows) ft_field_type_settings
Browse: (17 Rows) ft_field_type_validation_rules
Browse: (10 Rows) ft_field_types
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_field_validation
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_form_email_fields
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_form_fields
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_forms
Browse: (16 Rows) ft_hook_calls
Browse: (143 Rows) ft_hooks
Browse: (2 Rows) ft_list_groups
Browse: (18 Rows) ft_menu_items
Browse: (2 Rows) ft_menus
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_module_export_group_clients
Browse: (4 Rows) ft_module_export_groups
Browse: (6 Rows) ft_module_export_types
Browse: (26 Rows) ft_module_menu_items
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_module_pages
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_module_pages_clients
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_module_swift_mailer_email_template_fields
Browse: (8 Rows) ft_modules
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_multi_page_form_urls
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_new_view_submission_defaults
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_option_lists
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_public_form_omit_list
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_public_view_omit_list
Browse: (1 Rows) ft_sessions
Browse: (73 Rows) ft_settings
Browse: (2 Rows) ft_themes
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_view_columns
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_view_fields
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_view_filters
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_view_tabs
Browse: (0 Rows) ft_views
Ok the issue for ME was that my db name is all numbers. and sql has issues with this. so you have to encapsulate the tablename var in ` `

on line 939 of code/general.php ad the ` ` as in the following

$result = mysql_query("SHOW TABLES FROM `$g_db_name`");

NOT apostrophe, I am talking the ` below the tilda ~ its a sql thing.. I did NOT try putting it in the config.php as the actuall global var.. that should work.. but to fix all future issues. FormTool should ads the fix to keep this from happening.. The install script must have been written by someone else, with a little more fore site. Kudos!

I also found another entry around line 529. Another Show Tables Query.
Thanks for getting back to us with the solution.


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