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External Form Security
Hi all,
First post for me, and I begin by saying that FormTools is brilliant!

One slight concern I have, though I will be happy to admit if this is an error on my part is that when using external forms I cannot seem to get my one external form to stick to the access policy defined when setting up the form. At the moment anyone and everyone (including not logged in) can access my external form even when the form is set to Adminstrator Only access.

I have searched the forum for a fix to this but cannot find anything.

Can someone suggest a solution to this?

Many thanks in advance.
The security that you are referring to only limits other logged-in users from viewing the form results, not the actual form. Are you only allowing FormTools user accounts to fill out your form?
Thanks for the reply Alex.
Yes the aim is for only formtools users to be able to access the form.
Is there any coding that can be done to make a form abide by formtools internal form access policies?

Thanks again
I think I did something similar by checking to see if the user was logged in in order to view a page. It was generic though and did not check to see if that user had rights to view the specific form. It's definitely possible but will involve some custom code. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
Hi Alex,
Again thank you for your response, what you suggest seems perfectly acceptable to me as login-check to access the form keeps the entire internet out and avoids a dual login system.

Can you point me in the right direction with code?

Thanks in advance
Sorry for the late reply, its been a busy few days for me! I haven't been able to dig up the code I wrote for that. I know I saved it somewhere.. just cant remember where :-)

Check out the /global/code/accounts.php file. There you will find lots of well commented login related code.

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