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Create chain select boxes
Is it possible to create chain select boxes so the result/options of the second select box depends on the first one, the third one depends on the second one, etc.?

Here is an example live:

Thank you,
I personally prefer using jquery for this stuff, that's what the example you provided shows.
Don't understand your question though?
Are you asking for help understanding the example you provided?
I would like to create three chain select boxes so the results of the 2nd box depends on the 1st one and the result of the 3rd box depends on the second one. Each box will have hundreds option to select. So, I would like to store the data in the database ideally.

I need your or some other experts' help to find out if someone has already completed a similar project or can lead me to the right direction.

Thank you
What you're asking for is I believe beyond the scope of this particular forum?
However, the example you provided does all the basics of what you to do.
What you're missing in the example is the contents of
The script posts the value from the first select list to the select_type.php page and that page returns the options that get displayed in the second select list.
My suggestion is to find a Javascript/AJAX forum and see if you can get help there.

Good Luck!

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