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Form value not being held when navigating BACK

I am using Form Builder together with the default template. When navigating backwards on a 5-page form, the values of the page the user is leaving (e.g. leaving page 4 to return to page 2) is not being held. Pages 1-3 hold their info, but upon returning to page 4, all input fields on page 4 are empty.

I have looked at the HTML and apparently the navigation is a simple <A> tag, without any obvious submission logic to it? On the other hand, I don't understand how the submit button of the form is working either since the form has no "action" Url to post to and the submit button is also outside of the <form> tags.

I suspect some JavaScript being triggered, but I don't see which and where.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very greatful, because the form is already live and I can't take it offline anymore.

Many thanks,

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