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Form Builder - Forms won't send email
Thanks! I actually designed the site. The issue I'm having is that the site is done in a CMS. The owner wanted to integrate Form Tools in and so I had to cut and paste code from the CMS template. So yes, it's definitely a bit of a patchwork job.
Ben, what do you think the best course of action is at this point?
Hi Karks,

I'm kind of stumped! Any chance I could get access to your installation so I could log in and debug the problem directly? If so, could you email me at

- Ben
Thank you, Ben! I'm going to mail you the info right now.
Hi all...
Just wanted to let you know that I experienced this issue today and found out that a simple error in closing a <p> tag (I missed to put the closing / in it... i.e. <p> instead of </p>) made the thankyou page fail to output anything and no e-mail was sent (Though the submission went through in the backend).
My mistake was found in the text for the thankyou page content when editing the form builder forms publishing settings.
It seems that the Form Builder script is REALLY unforgiven about such minor mistakes. So double check, triple check and then check again :-)

Don't know if this was helpful. I hope your problem's been solved by Ben.
This is true via the API, as well. Matter of fact, this can be true for ANY website-related endeavor. Mess up one character and your entire site could fail to render properly. It's a shame, sometimes, but it's also true. Checking your code is the first thing you should do when troubleshooting. As sad as it sounds, that is usually the suspect at the top of my
Not a FT employee, just a FT user lending a hand. If I've been helpful, please rate.

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I've been following this thread because I am having the exact same issue. I spoke with the website host and testing with just “text”, works. So I removed all html content. However, the emails still are not sending. I haven't found any errors because of a closing tag. Where should I look first?
Hi there,

- As mentioned above you should check all your HTML first.
- Try sending either Text or HTML but not both as PHP mail() sometimes doesn't permit multipart emails
- Make sure your PHP Mail() works, you should just run a test outside of Form Tools to make sure it works.
- If PHP Mail works in your test (PHP Mail can be finicky at time), then install the SwiftMailer module and test with that in Form Tools
- If you still can not send out emails, run a system check

Hope this helps.



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