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How to use "Submission Accounts" for Views
I have a contest form with 3 fields allowing numbers to be entered for "guesses".

Using the Submission Accounts module I can create a simple user account automatically when a User first uses the Public form (using External Form API).

I have created 3 views for these users where the first guess field is UN Editable. I don't want them to be able to change their guess.

View 1 shows Guess 1 field as "fixed", uneditable. But Guess 2 and Guess 3 fields are Editable and can be typed into and submitted to complete the 3 allowable guesses.

View 2 shows Guess 1 and Guess 2 fields as Fixed, uneditable, and just Guess 3 field is still open to submit a value.

View 3 shows all three Guess fields fixed, uneditable.

In trying to Assign these Views Permissions wise I need a Clients Only Permission option that will honor the User accounts made with the Submission Module.

But Accounts made by the Submission Module do NOT show up in the Main View settings. There is no connection between "User Accounts" made by the Submission Module to the Users that I want to Authorize to only see the Custom Views I am creating.

Even if I continue and try to install Filters so that when the User logs in the filtering will decide which view they are going to see I cannot get Form Tools to exclude them from seeing the first available view for "Clients".

If I select to allow only PRIVATE Clients to have access to these views the FormTools specifies that I must specifically ADD all of those Clients Manually. But these Options are Empty. I see no way to make my Submission Module User Accounts show up as the Authorized Private Clients.

I hope you can step in, Ben, and show me the workaround!

Thank you!

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