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Extended Client Field Module Issue
I created an extended client field and assigned it to be editable/viewable by administrator. I discovered it doesn't hold its data when a client updates his profile so I have to keep re-entering it. It's a critical field that I need for matching form submissions with the client's account. As of right now I have over 400 clients and this is a major issue. Is there a quick fix for this? Thanks.
Hi Fried... I had the same problem but got around it in a very funny way. I discovered that for some strange reason the extended clients fields located at the bottom section of the settings page retained their content even after clients updated their profile. When I moved the problematic field to that location the problem was solved. May be you should try it too...if the location of the field doesn't matter, and in this case I think it does not since it is only accessible to you (the administrator).

Good luck.
Thanks, mugo. I will try that and monitor it for a couple of days to see if it works for me.
mugo, I did a test with one of the client's accounts. I updated that client's settings (like they would if changing a theme) and the data from the field disappeared when I checked it in Admin, so I guess this will not work. You might want to double-check your clients' settings to see if the same has happened to all your accounts. Thanks anyway.

I hope the module's programmer will take note of this problem and include it in the next update, but it seems they've abandoned this project.
This issue has been fixed. There's a recent update for the extended client fields module - 1.2.6 on the ecf module downloads page.
I'm having the same issue - error 110. I'm certainly not much of a system administrator, so this is probably a really dumb question; does my hosting platform need an SSL certificate in order for this to work?
You do not need a SSL certificate in order for Form Tools or the Extended Client Field module to work.



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