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Excel Export Manager
Hey I'm new here
I'm from Germany sorry for my bad englich.
Ok now my question.
It's possible to use a <br> in the {foreach} Loop
to create more lines in the Excel sheet ?

{foreach from=$display_fields item=column}
{foreach from=$submissions item=submission}
{assign var=submission_id value=$submission.submission_id}
{foreach from=$display_fields item=field_info}
{assign var=col_name value=$field_info.col_name}
{assign var=value value=$submission.$col_name}
{smart_display_field form_id=$form_id view_id=$view_id
submission_id=$submission_id field_info=$field_info
field_types=$field_types settings=$settings value=$value
Never tested, but i think you can.
Nelson Costa.

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