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Submit input type
If I wanted to use an image as the form "submit" button, what would I have to change to make Form Tools 2 still work?

I tried for 2 hours to do the test submission and not until I changed my code to a regular old input type=submit would it work.

Non-working HTML:
<input type="image" name="send" src="poo.gif" alt="here it is" />
Hey Rubycat,

Form Tools doesn't care how the information is sent - replacing a submitt button with an image button really won't make a difference. Was the form not getting submitted or something? If so, there's a problem with the submit button or form itself. That said, what you posted is fine... was it placed inside the <form> </form> tags?

Also, try temporarily removing any JS. Maybe that's preventing the form from submitting...


- Ben
Odd indeed! But here's the works with the input type=image when using the regular old process.php. But I swear, it doesn't submit when using the API. It simply reloads the page and empties out all the fields.
Hmm.. one possibility that is that maybe when you use an image as your submit button, the name-value pair of that image button isn't sent along with the POST request. Try this: you know where you specify the name value of the submit button in the PHP? This bit:

PHP Code:
$params = array(
"submit_button" => "submit_button_name_attribute",
"next_page" => "thanks.php",
"form_data" => $_POST

Change "submit_button_name_attribute" to the name attribute of ANOTHER field in your form - any textbox should be fine. If you don't have one, create a hidden field and use the name attribute of that.

Let me know if this helps at all... I'm curious to know if this was the problem!

- Ben

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