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Help with complex form (Animal Wellfare)
First of all - Thank you so much Ben for the helpfull routine and to all who post here giving their input.
I used to use formtools during my studies - and hell did they evolve !

Some real old members may recall me as Prep.

Anyway -

Now we run a project to help (street)dogs on Sri Lanka - whoever would like to know more about the project may check at

By now I'm more of a veterianrian than a programmer, and so in spite of
most appreciated code snippets, posts and Tuts I am lil stuck -

Now here is the (my) task

I'd like to make up a form that is later going on one webpage and a
.PDF/A4 Size, horizontal - number of pages doesn't matter.
There should be a header (graphik) and a footer (3 lines of text) on every page.
There will be the ID Number of the dog and it's name right below that header.
Each page will have the (passport)photo of the dog of a certain size
on it's upper left just below that line.
There are two equal columns (50:50) of text on each page to fill the
space between Header/Footer.

The number of lines (quantity of text) per topic differs severely from
dog to dog, but the topics are always split into
Location, Description, Habits, Facts, Pictures *, Notes, QR*, Terms

All info should be retrieved by a MySQL query later on - *pictures are
stored at the same server and have equal size* but their number will
differ, *QR should lead to the Wepage of the dog - I would like to do
that with
Notes and terms are fixed and could be obtained from a pre-made .PDF

OK, any Vet may change change the input of the record, but how to
add e.g. more pictures to the record of that certain dog ?

How can I rezise the pics right on the form upload ?

Is there a way to store the QR with the form or generete it "on the fly"
back from FT entries ?

Has anyone done a Form like that before (not necessarily with dogs) ?

Whoever wants to help with this project and offers his (programming) expertise is most welcome.
If I failed to read an entry ref. any of my questions - sorry - just put a
link in your answer.

Thanks for your help

Dog Care Clinic e.V.
Help us to Help !

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