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Selecting dates before year 2002

I'm a new user. I installed the latest version of Form Tool and created a form. It has a field called "Date of Birth". For that I selected a "Date" type field type. Once I tried to enter test data, the calendar showed me only up to year 2002. I know there should be a way to select a date in 1975 in Form Tool, but I could not find the way to do it. ( This may be a very stupid question, Please pardon me.)

Could anyone please tell me how to select a date in year 1975 using that calendar?

Thank you

I posted this in the general discussion area, but I though it would be worth while to post it here as well even though the post is from 2012
Better late than never ey?

For my purpose, I was able to modify the formtools/mysite/themes/default/scripts/jquery-ui-1.8.6.custom.min.js

Looking at the jquery documentation for this widget, I was able to modify the default range for the year pulldown.
Default is yearRange:"c-10:c+10"
I changed it to yearRange:"c-100:c"

If dealing with birth dates, I would suggest c-125:c since we continue to live longer. I think the oldest individual is 120? Anyway, this solves my problem. Just wanted people to know what to modify for increasing the year range in the calendar.

One final note: Avoid using a negative number after the : for this variable. The Max expects to be at least the current date, if you use a negative year for the max, the calendar comes up with bad data.

Not sure if you are still on here but thanks for posting this... I've used it once or twice already!

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