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Use Form Tools with IIS - Help Needed
Hello All,
I am trying to use form tools with windows and IIS,
Background: I am testing form tools as a solution for a client that will use it to insert entries (for example, insert all his feedback forms that are physically written on premise) and later be able to check the results.

The client uses windows environment and already has an IIS application installed, so I wanted to use IIS.
I am currently testing on my own Win 10 PC.

I added IIS to my PC, including CGI and health.
I installed php.
I installed MySQL
I then went to IIS maneger, default website, and added a virtual folder to the Form Tools library.
the installation took a little while but it worked out - I can now access Form Tools.

The problem I am facing is when trying to publish. I get a "permissions" problem, telling me the folder for publications is blocked for writing:

"This temporary upload folder specified by your PHP installation is not writable. Until this is fixed, files cannot be uploaded through Form Tools (or any other PHP program). Please contact your hosting provider."

I have tried giving write permissions on the folder to all IIS users, All Application Packages - to no avail.
I have tried replacing the application pool identity to a different user on the pc, also didn't work, also with administrator privileges.

any idea what should be changed?

Thank you
I created a php file in the folder of the website running "whoami", it seems the user that is returned does not exist anywhere in my pc. It is some kind of default user.
Any idea how to change the user running php?
ok, I figured it out:
IIS uses Anonymous authentication - you need to set it to a specific user that has writing privileges on the "published" folder (/modules/forms/published).
alternatively you can use the Application Pool identity, in which case you need to make sure it has writing privileges on that directory.
Pay attention that every such solution requires security considerations.

Hope it will help someone else in the future.

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