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Re-Edit Form?
I am at the point to where I can use the login to create a new record or have it accept the username / password in the database but it does not pull the existing data to propagate the form. I have done the smartfill and my columns match the data in the database. Any ideas?

Can anyone offer any help on this? I tested the output of the login.php script and get -->

Array ( [submission_id] => 53 [school] => CHG [app_received] => 12/12/1212 [app_type] => FTD [driver_fname] => [driver_initial] => [driver_lname] => [social_security_no] => 111-11-1111 )

The fields in my form have corresponding names. Nothing is being filled into the form though when logging back in. Do I need to do something in the HTML of the form to get it to see these values? Any help would be appreciated.

Have you solved this problem yet?
I have a few ideas but didn't want to go to far ahead if you have already solved it.

(Aug 15th, 2009, 2:21 PM)Ben Wrote: Hey Speny,

Ah! That's fine - actually no, don't delete it. Instead, just add a new key-value pair to the $params you're passing to ft_api_process_form (the last row - ignore the other rows, they're just to show the context & are probably different for you):

PHP Code:
$params = array(
"submit_button" => "submit_button_name_attribute",
"next_page" => "next_page.php",
"form_data" => $_POST,
"no_sessions_url" => "first_page_in_form.php",
"may_update_finalized_submissions" => true

The "may_update_finalized_submissions" setting will override the default behaviour & allow you to update a finalized submission. Hope that helps!

- Ben

After adding the '"may_update_finalized_submissions" => true', how does one go about finalizing the file?

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