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Error after Installation
Hello Folks

I have install form tools successfully on my server & my question is:

1. form tools address don’t working perfectly like;

above link is not working but when I enter

it’s working fine, when I click on side links all are dead but when I enter formtools then same links are working.

I can’t understand that thing.

2. I can’t see config.php on server.

Please help me.

It sure sounds like a config problem.
The config file is located here: /FormTools/global/config.php

If you can't find the config file, you need to make one manually. During your installation, in step 4, the system tries to create the config file and puts all the necessary data on the web page for you to copy and paste in to a text file if the system isn't able to create it for you.
Read more about this in

The information you need to put in the config.php file is like this:
PHP Code:

// main program paths - no trailing slashes! 
// The root url is the exact web adress to your formtools folder. 
// Root dir is the exact folder adress on your server. This is just an example. Ask your provider for the correct address if in doubt.
$g_root_url "";
$g_root_dir "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/webfolder/formtools";

// database settings. 
$g_db_hostname "localhost";
$g_db_name "mydatabase";
$g_db_username "root";
$g_db_password "root";
$g_table_prefix "ft_";

i am also using the server system and i have installed so many tools on my server but i have never encountered with kind of problem ,my server system is working properly and till now i didn't have any problem with it , so i cant give you any suggestion
Sounds like the installation wasn't completed correctly. Try removing FT from the server and try again. Make sure you follow the steps very carefully. Permissions will likely need to be changed on the server for certain directories in order to have the installation complete successfully.
Not a FT employee, just a FT user lending a hand. If I've been helpful, please rate.

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