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More than 1 filter with "Equal" per view
Hi, I have just successfully set a multiple view form using filters. Awesome thing!
On 1 of the views I tried to establish 2 different filters using the same field and operator but with a different value for each.
Filter #1
Field = Trips
Operator = Equals
Value = Honduras - April 13-16, 2013

filter #2
Field = Trips
Operator = Equals
Value = Zambia - October 17-24, 2013

It would no longer work with both, only works with one or the other.
So does it need the ability to distinguish between the 2, like (or -- and)
to allow it to do both?

I ended up making an entirely new view and email for each. Did I miss something? If not, this would make the filters even more powerful and easier to setup.

Thanks, Gene

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