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Validation & Multipage Forms

I've tried searching the old forums, but I've not been able to see an answer to this.

I intend to have a multi-page from - my question is when do I bring the js and php validation into play?

I imagine that I need to do the js validation at the 'continue' and 'submit' button stages on each page - is that correct?

But with the php validaiton, how do I handle an error from say the first page (which is no longer visible)? Should I be looking at bringing the form back for 'review' before running the php validation?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi Martin,

Give this tutorial a read: it explains how to add PHP validation to your forms.

It only covers a single page form (with the API) but the principle works exactly the same for each page in a multi-page form.

The JS validation works the same regardless of the form type - API, POST, multi-page, single-page - anything! Here's a tutorial on that, too!

Let me know if you have any trouble. Smile

- Ben
Hey Ben,

I've read the tutorials again and I'm now having a crack at getting my form working (I may be back in touch!).

I also wanted to say what a great piece of software you've built. Thank you and I will get round to donating!

Best regards


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