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Automatic Reporting
I run reports once a month for all the incoming submissions for my forms. It would be great if there was a module created where I could setup automatic reporting that would instantly pull monthly submissions and email the file, or file link, to me to download. This sounds like a HUGE undertaking, but I was wondering if this would ever be an available option?
This seems like something that could be handled pretty easily with a php script that you could just add to your menu as a custom URL. Even easier if your server has sendmail enabled. This is something I currently do, while I am not emailing it, it does pipe to a csv file with a xls wrapper for download. Currently my script isn't php7 compatible as I am still using mysql_query statements, but hey, so is Formtools. PM me if you would like to take a look, adding an email section to it should be pretty straight forward, how download works better for my environment.

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