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Linking forms so that my customer only needs to enter in 1 username and password
Pls. Help. I currently have a total of 10 forms that I have created via Form Tools and I have also added and enabled the Submission Module.

I would like to make it so that my customer don't have to separately login to each and every form to make a edit to their entries. Basically, is there a way that they can login in once, and then they will be able to see all of the forms that they have submitted and made changes to?

Clearer example:

Link one takes requests that my customers submit their high school information. (Currently there are 4 tabs to this form)

Link number two will ask my customer to submit and upload their certificates etc. and so on...

I don't want to add 10 tabs (categories) across one form, so I created a total of 10 links leading my customers to fill out the forms separately with different questions etc., but I don't want them to have to keep entering in their username and password for every single link.

Hope this is clear and you have a solutions!

Thanks Guys

I know you can assign multiple forms to a user and filter the view based on field data (such as their submission id or email address) to show only their submissions, but since the Submission Module creates a user account and ties it to the initial form submission only, you would probably need to manually assign the user account to the other forms.

I would recommend using only one form, utilize the tabs, and grouping the fields.
Ah, I just replied to a private message about this. I didn't realize the submissions module behaved that way (as I've never used it). But you should still be able to login to the portal as the admin and set the form permissions to "Public." That way anyone with access to FormTools could see the submission data. You should still be able to use the "Views" tab to determine what they are able to see and do, as well. I think.
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I agree, setting the view tab works well for limited what data a user can see. I utilize that method for a database of real estate agents from different firms. When the user logs in, they only see the agents from their office based on the view setting.

Should be fine as long as the original poster is not looking for an automated approach where they don't have to assign a view per user, (in case there is a high volume of submissions). In that case a single form with tabs and groups should accomplish the goal.


Right now you are limited to 6 tabs per form. Is there a way to increase this limit? Where in the script can I edit this field to allow me to have a total of 10 tabs instead?

I have had projects where I could have used more than 6 tabs also, but I don't think it can be increased without a code change. Have you searched the forums to see if that has been requested before?


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