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Leaving form entries unfinalized - is it a problem?

I have a multi-page form where I want to allow users to make updates as required.

Specifically, each user should have only ONE entry per table. I am not setting my users up formally in Form Tools because all of my pages are behind a membership database system and I am able to pull each user's unique member id out of that database and add it to my table so that the unique member id can still be used as a key in form tools.

I can see how I can populate each form field with previously submitted data so the user can edit it.

The only thing is that it seems that if I finalize the form on the last page, the user cannot go back in and edit their submission without it creating an additional entry for that user in the table.

For a layman like me, the easiest thing seems to just leave the form unfinalized to allow subsequent edits/updates.

The user may want to continue with subsequent edits/updates for 12 months or more.

So my question is, is there a command to set the form back to "unfinalized"prior to any subsequent edits/updates and then re-set it to finalized once the subsequent edits/updates are completed, or is it OK to just leave the entries "unfinalized" over the full period of time?

Looking forward to some clarification or advice.

Thank you.

- Neil

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