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Failure to save/ publish form (FormTools and Form Builder)
When publishing a new form, using Form builder, we get the error message "Sorry, the View that was assigned to this form no longer exists. You will need to delete this form configuration and publish a new form. "

We are not sure if it is even saving the form to the database. Please advise as to any remedies. We have done a fresh install of both Form Tools 2.2.5 and Form Builder into the modules directory.

We are using MySQL version 5.1 Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.29, for Linux (x86_64), on CentOS 5 (Linux 2.6.18-274.7.1.el5 x86_64) Apache 2.0 and PHP Version 5.3.20
Alan Fisher

UPDATE (We're new to Form Tools and Form Builder and learning the hard way!) :

Everything seemed to install properly, but there was obviously a problem, so after uninstalling, re-installing, and writing the above plea, we finally realized (Ben had posted on point: we should run the "System Check Module". Everything checked out except the "Table Verification" which resulted in a very long error log:

FORM TOOLS CORE - ft_account_settings - missing column: account_id

FORM TOOLS CORE - ft_account_settings - missing column: setting_name...

...,etc... for a total of over 400 lines. All components that were enabled failed verification.

We'll try rebuilding the table using mysql script and report back. If anyone has suggestions in the meantime, please don't hesitate!

Alan, Gary,

Thanks for the update on the installation. Hopefully all is going well. When you re-installed are you doing a completely clean install with the installation script? Or are you just using a MySQL dump of the previous installation?

It may be faster to re-install with a clean install and just recreate your form than to try to rebuild the table using a MySQL script which may still cause issues. Table verification issues are commonly caused when the manual changes are made to the database.

Keep us posted. Thanks.



Thank you, Joe. We'll work on it and come back with (hopefully) useful information! Cheers, Gary.

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