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> 256 fields and excel 2003

My forms are getting quite complex, and one of them has 300+ fields.
i am using excel 2003 and it doesn't accept files with more than 256 colums, a workaround i found is opening the files in ooo or excel 2007 to break them. but it's not very convenient

can we imagine a way to select which fields are exported and make 2 export formats for that form one that exports the first 255 fields and another something like the 3 first fields (to id the entry) and the rest of the fields .?


Hi Alex,

Yeah, the 256 column limit is a real pain. But sure - this can be done with Views.

Just create two Views on your form: one with the first 250 columns, and one with the remainder. You could include the submission ID in both so you could match the data in the rows up.

You can read more about Views here:

Good luck! Smile

- Ben

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